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Jake Biggs

Clinical Nutritionist

B Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine)- High Distinction Honours
Nutritional Medicine Practitioner | Nutrition Coach | Nutrition Presenter and Keynote Speaker

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Why book in with Jake!

Jake is an outstanding nutritionist that ensures your health goals are prioritised, achieved and accomplished! With only using evidence based research to formulate his nutrition plans, your results are guaranteed!


Get Started Today!

1. Book your initial consultation (60 mins) $180

In order for Jake to get to the bottom of your health concerns and provide you with the most effective, personalised and individualised nutritional and lifestyle plan; he needs to extensively understand you and your body. This is effectively achieved through questions pertaining to all aspects of your physiology. Although his role as a nutritional medicine practitioner is primarily providing evidence based nutritional recommendations, as a holistic practitioner; he seeks to explore all aspects of an individual’s health. Using this information he will develop an extensive individualised treatment plan and formulate your goals together. 


2. Book your subsequent consultation (30 mins) $90

Everything in regard to review, assessing and monitoring your progress! Jake will assess how your treatment plan is progressing and what tweaks he needs to make. Any testing will also be analysed and interpreted for your new treatment plan. The questions will keep rolling on! The focus on follow up consultations is continuing to ensure that you are continuing to make progressions in your health and providing ongoing nutritional education. 


Read what some of Jake's clients say about his nutrition expertise!


"Jake is an inspiration. He truly practices what he preaches and embodies the practices, lifestyle and mindset that he teaches. I have benefitted so much from his example, his passion and his easy going nature that makes nutrition fun. He is so knowledgeable about health, nutrition and exercise that I have renewed motivation for self care. I highly value and trust his guidance"


"Jake has been my nutritionist for a few months now and I cannot thank him enough for the results I have seen and continue to see in such a short period of time. He is very passionate about what he does and that urges me to continue. His friendly approach to his clients is one of his many attributes. I would highly recommend him and I appreciate everything he has done for me so far".


"It’s full marks to Jake for the outstanding and professional consultations he provided. He was able to very quickly identify areas of my nutrition that required some changes and was particularly convincing and inspiring when it came to getting me to implement them. He was also very forgiving when there were some little transgressions on my part 😜 We achieved great long term permanent results. Highly recommended."


If you want to learn more about Jake, check out his website at

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