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Seniors Fitness Accredited Exercise Physiologists: 

Emily Moore AEP, AES. ESSAM
Emily is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who has 7 years experience in the health industry. She first began her career in health as a personal trainer, which she worked as whilst studying at university. Whilst studying a Bachelor of Applied Science at the University of Sydney, Emily continued to apply her developing knowledge to every client during that time. This created a more practical experience for her throughout university, expanding her knowledge and skills as she studied. Over the past few years, Emily has had a very broad range of experiences within private practices, hospitals, as well as working for herself.
Emily wants to dedicate her time as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist to delivering the best service for all clients. Her greatest vision is to maintain and improve her clients independence and mobility, while increasing their strength, fitness and energy levels. 
Emily has a passion for educating everyone on the importance of exercise for physical health, which leads to various benefits for mental health, disability and long term health conditions. She provides private and semi private sessions to anyone 55 years and older and runs the Bootcamp down at Queens Park.
Emily provides individualised programs for all health conditions including the healthy population.  She has a strong interest in Diabetes as a Type 1 Diabetic herself. She has had diabetes since she was 12 years old, having experienced both injections, pump therapy and CGM. This is an advantage to anyone with the disease and/or wanting to prevent the disease with the large knowledge and experience she has. Mention this when booking your Initial so we can book you in with her. 
Grace Williams AEP, AES. ESSAM

Grace is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who graduated from the University of Sydney in 2014 with a Bachelor of applied science (Exercise Physiology). Since graduating Grace has worked predominately in aged care dealing with people of all ages up to and over 100 years of age. Grace has a keen interest and vast experience in musculoskeletal injury management, falls prevention, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory rehabilitation and air way clearance techniques. Grace has completed post graduate study in understanding dementia, respiratory rehabilitation, airway clearance, rock tape/ kinesiology taping and exercise for eating disorders. 


Working in residential aged care, Grace gained appreciation for using Exercise to maintain independence and improve quality of life. Grace hopes to be able to apply this to all clients at Seniors Fitness by tailoring exercise programs to increase strength, mobility and fitness to allow you to be your best self. Grace is also proficient in pilates and uses the techniques for general exercise as well as rehabilitation to target muscles in the most effective manner. Grace runs mat pilates classes on a Monday and Thursday at the clinic. 


Grace is passionate about physical activity being a part of the older adults everyday life and encourages people of all ages to join as you're never to old to exercise.

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